Bidea Avant

Our proposal is not only technological.

Professional services

We offer a Complete Plan

for the Transformation of the Surgical Area.

Developing the full potential of technology solutions and implementing it successfully in organizations requires careful orchestration of people, processes and technologies. Thus, we accompany managers and professionals of the Health Centers throughout the improvement process, providing the necessary methodologies to ensure their success in improving management of the surgical areas.  

Process Engineering Service

The Bidea Avant professionals and the companies in its value network, with proven experience in health management by processes and in the application of the Lean Healthcare methodology, collaborate closely with directors and professionals of the Center in the optimization of the processes of the surgical area with the aim of maximizing results by improving the management of each and every one of the resources available at the Center.

Implementation and Maintenance Services

Our professional services help set the advanced processes defined in conjunction with the Center by applying the “Ideaction” methodology in 5 phases:

  1. Stipulating the main problem regarding the management of the surgical area of ​​the Center with the professionals involved.
  2. Co-designing the processes and adapting the supporting technology.
  3. Gradually implementing a technological solution by adapting it to the processes involved.
  4. Supervising, maintaining and improving the platform.
  5. Assisting the management team in the management of change.


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