Digital Solutions

Optimize your Surgical Resources

and key Management Processes

Diagnostic and decision-making tools for adjusting the demand of surgical activity and capacity in the coming months, and meeting the objectives of the healthcare organization.

Surgical planning tool. It increases the performance of operating rooms, reduces operational incidents and helps standardize surgical scheduling.

A tool that records the activity and coordination of professionals around the flow of patients within the surgical area. 

It allows to inform relatives.

What we offer?

Service and Technology for the Surgical Area.

We offer the implementation of a transformational program to improve the flow of processes in the Surgical Area.

Process engineering: : To achieve a correct implementation of processes and to manage any adjustments.

Forward® platform : The software tool helps you to set the management processes.


Management by processes allows to break down complications into manageable challenges at any point in time.


At 1 Year:

Diagnosis and simulation of scenarios.

Ideally 4 to 12 months in advance:

• Evaluate the progress of the waiting list and its expected status in the upcoming months.

• Analyze the reasons why changes occurred in relation to what was previously planned.

• Analyze the reasons why changes occurred in relation to what was previously planned.

• Get the prediction of what is going to happen for each specialized unit.

• Simulate prescriptive scenarios that allow you to improve what could otherwise occur


Up to 3 weeks:


Ideally up to a week before:

Carry out the best possible plan possible.

One week before:

Detect any possible conflict in advance.

On a recurring basis:

Analyze the reasons why changes between planned and actual activity may have occurred as part of continuous improvement.


Real time:

Preparation of Operating Rooms and Patient Flow.

The day before:

Prepare los quirófanos.

The same day:

•Track and resolve operational issues..
• The software tool learns with the activity recorded!

Providing value to our clients

High Surgical Performance and Economical

Increase IQ

Surgical efficiency

Elective Surgery

Deferred Emergencies


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Waiting list patients out of warranty

Economic efficiency

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Increased surgical capacity
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Annual profit increase

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